Dear Valued past, current, and future customers.

The Solaris Roofing Family & Team put the safety of our customers & team members first and foremost.

Solaris Roofing, in accordance with provincial legislation, is classified as an essential service. COVID-19 has abruptly shaken and changed the way we all need to act and react, to ensure the safety and health of everyone, from our team members to our families and your families at home.

In accordance to Newly implemented safety measure and Social Distancing, we at Solaris Roofing have tweaked our presentation and quoting format in order to accommodate social distancing while still providing you with the Best Metal Roofing Option for your Home.

Spring is upon us and many are in need to a new roof and during these economically uncertain times we at SOLARIS have options.

This is How we help you find the best roofing solution during this time of Crisis and Social Distancing. Technology is our friend and can complement our presentation and quoting process for your home.

  1. First, we will make contact  via telephone to assess your needs.
  2. We then will set up another call within 48 hours and email you  with the following:
  1. Full complete satellite measurements of your home’s roof breakdown
  2. Full digital presentation package for you to review the different types of metal roofing available
  3. Full breakdown of your roof costs with financing numbers and options for your needs
  1. Once you’re comfortable we will set up an appointment to come to your home and let your touch and feel the metal in person
  1. A sales manager will come visit your property
  2. All interactions CAN happen outside in your driveway
  3. Sales Manager that comes to your home WILL have taken ALL necessary hand & body sanitizing measures within 10 minutes of your consultation meeting.
  4. All Metal Roofing samples will be sanitized by spray upon your presentation
  5. No Sales Manager will come to your home if they have been out of the country or showing any signs of illness or fever in the past 45 DAYS.
  6. Once satisfied Contracts can be done in person or digitally
  1. We all hope that COVID-19 goes away as fast as it came, but in the event that social distancing may still be in place when time for your installation the following will occur:
  1. The Solaris Installation team will properly sanitize themselves before coming onto your property
  2. Your install team WILL NOT have to enter your what so ever.
  3. End of each day until completion your property will be fully cleaned up and sanitized if need be
  1. Due to the evident economic impact that COVID-19 is having on Canadians, we are Please & Proud to offer a variety of financing options, such as:
  1. No money down
  2. Low to Zero % Interest Rate
  3. Don’t pay for 3,6,9 months etc.

Your Solaris Roofing Team values and appreciates All of our customers and their families’ health and wellbeing. We are doing absolutely everything available to ensure the safety of our team and your family.

So Please if you have been out of the country in the past 45 days. Please make us aware and we will set up your appointment at the appropriate time.

We all must stay strong and diligent through these new uncertain times and the SOLARIS ROOFING TEAM is here to help.

Be Well and Safe during this time and with your lifetime roof decisions.

Solomon Levine


Solaris Roofing Inc.

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We've Got you Covered for a Lifetime!

Solaris Premium Metal Roofing is proud to offer Rare Manufacturing Roofing System. Rare Manufacturing Roofing Systems have been around since 1993. Manufactured by Canadians for our Canadian climate for over 20 years of durable, stylish and economical perfection.

Our goal is to provide high quality metal roofing products for residential and commercial use, that endure the harsh Canadian elements at a competitive price. We believe in our products and stand behind them with our Lifetime Non-Prorated 100% Fully Transferable Warranty. Using our Elite Grade Titanium UDL50 Waterguard System for every installation gives you 3 times more protection than our competitors and triple ensures your roof will NEVER LEAK.

Above all, the benefits of metal roofing such as environmentally friendly, fire proof, low maintenance, excellent curb appeal and extreme durability, combined with our over 20 years of experience, you can feel confident that when you choose a Solaris Premium Metal Roof you have made the right choice.

This WILL be the Last Roof your Home will EVER need. Never Roof Again!

Our goal is to provide high quality metal roofing products that endure the elements at a competitive price.

We believe in our products and stand behind them with our Lifetime Non-Prorated 100% Fully Transferable Warranty

Did you know?

Metal roofs can be installed during the winter months? Asphalt shingles rely on the heat to seal properly and may crack when installed in the colder seasons. With our premium metal systems, we do not rely on the heat at all.

Why install in the winter?

Manufacturers increase costs (which are passed on to customers) in the busy seasons. As winter is a slower season, the savings will be passed on to customers. Some installers prefer installing in the winter rather than the blistering sun.

Will the quality of the job be affected by the cold weather?

Rather than rushing through the job, it may take a bit longer and have the same Lifetime warranty while adhering to our high quality installation standards. We do guarantee that your New roof will be installed before spring.

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